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The most romantic ruin in the world, saved by thousands of people :

To witness the beauty of the Château of la Mothe Chandeniers is to enter in a timeless place that goes beyond the common monuments scattered around the world . After its housefire in 1932, this architectural wonder of the nineteenth century, became a living ruin.

Abandoned for 85 years, the building has imagined a new symbiotic life with nature. Former glory of the great families of the Belle Epoque, the Mothe Chandeniers surrendered itself to a friendly green oasis.

An anarchic and unique place in the world where nature and architecture merged in a perfect harmony.

Since April 2018, under the impetus of the start-up Dartagnans and the association Adopts un château, the Mothe Chandeniers belongs to the largest community ever assembled to save a castle in danger. The idea of ​​collectively buying monuments to get them out of oblivion and save them from ruin was born.

The crowdfunding campaign, launched in October 2017, went crazy around the world and attracts tens of thousands of enthusiasts. Women and men from 115 countries, all ages and all cultures are now the new guardians of the world's most famous romantic ruin …

An incredible human adventure was born to save a castle, give it back a present and a wonderful future.

Come live and discover the most famous romantic ruin of the world …

Relive the incredible history of the Mothe Chandeniers families with a 1h30 guided tour :

Let yourself be guided in a true green oasis, rich of unexpected panoramas and hidden wonders. A real treat for nature lovers, castle lovers and budding explorers. From the medieval castle to neogothic architectural wonder, get your fill of history and anecdotes about the 19th century and the families who shaped this masterpiece.

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4, Route de Roiffé, 86120, Les Trois-Moutiers, Vienne, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France

Parking available at the entrance of the park

Guided tour at the château of la Mothe Chandeniers

Château of la Mothe Chandeniers

Les Trois-Moutiers, Nouvelle-Aquitaine

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6.5 €

Children (ages 6-17)

4.5 €

Reduced rate for co-owners

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Group (minimum 10 persons)